Save The Garden

Our space is being threatened with closure (again) and we are (still) really committed to preserving this community space.  We thank the Santa Cruz Seaside Company for their generosity in allowing us a space to garden for the last 20 years; we are looking forward to using the next 20 years in the garden to pass on the skills of our elders to the next generation. Without a space to garden, the skills and crops of the garden may be lost. In our time here we have worked together to clear the parcel, making it suitable for agriculture by amending the soil using traditional methods. The crops of the community thrive in this vibrant soil, Salvadoran beans, Oaxacan Corn, Italian Squash can be found alongside dino kale and lemon cucumbers.  Local residents use this space for community events ranging from movie nights to birthday parties; limited public space in the beach flats makes the Garden a vital community asset.

We urge the City of Santa Cruz to work together with our landlord to find a way to renew the lease.