Sow a Groundswell of Support to Save the Garden

Your donations will help fulfill the City of Santa Cruz’s resolution to acquire the Beach Flats Garden as a permanent Community Garden. Give a small donation today to help jump-start the purchase process, and optionally pledge another donation when it is needed to complete the land deal.

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Donation FAQ’s

What is the current status of the garden?

On October 27,  2015, the City Council voted unanimously to direct city staff to “negotiate with the goal of acquisition of the current Beach Flats Garden property to allow it to continue permanently as a community garden operated by the City” and to consider a variety of funding sources, including private funding.  In the meantime, the city is negotiating a 3 year lease with Seaside Company so that the gardeners can continue gardening on 60% of the original garden site.

In early Winter 2018, the city renewed a three year lease with the Seaside Company.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! We have 501c3 status under the umbrella of the William James Association. Their tax ID number is 237320163.

What if the city isn’t able to purchase a permanent site for the garden?

The money you donate today will go into a reserve fund until April 2018. If the land purchase is not underway by that time, your donation  will be refunded.

I would like to make a large donation, but I want to wait until the purchase is confirmed.

We’d love to take your pledge for a donation of $100 or more! We do ask that you make a small donation of $10 or more at the same time to help us demonstrate the community’s committed support to this unique garden!

Can I send a check instead of donating online?

Of course! Checks should be made out to “William James Association” with “Beach Flats Garden Coalition” in the memo line. Mail to:

Beach Flats Garden Coalition
PO Box 3892 Santa Cruz, CA 95063

When will you contact me about my pledge?

Only if and when your pledge is needed to purchase a permanent site for the Beach Flats Garden!

Will you keep me informed about what’s happening with my donation?

Of course! We’ll send out regular updates about the progress of the campaign to secure a permanent site for the Beach Flats Community Garden. And you can always check our website and Facebook page for the latest news.