Seeds of Change in the Beach Flats Garden

Thank you to everyone who has been a part the Beach Flats Community Garden over the last 23 years. 2015 was a year of struggle, and the the community turned out in great numbers to support the gardeners and the Beach Flats neighborhood in their call for the basic public resources. Gardeners and community members united to tell the City of Santa Cruz and the Seaside Company that the Beach Flats neighborhood deserves to have a permanent community garden.

Despite the best efforts of the gardeners, the community, and individuals in the City of Santa Cruz, a large portion of the garden has been closed. Negotiations led to a 40% reduction in garden size that will greatly reduce access to healthy food in a neighborhood that already qualifies as a food desert by many standards. The downsizing of the garden is another great loss to the residents who have also seen 2 murals destroyed in the last 2 years.

The Beach Flats Community Garden and supporters are launching a campaign to make the garden a permanent part of the Beach Flats neighborhood. We are fundraising to show the community’s commitment to sustainable agriculture in this neighborhood.

Our goals are

  1. Raise funds and pledges to help the City of Santa Santa Cruz fulfill their unanimous city council resolution to acquire the Beach Flats Garden as a permanent Community Garden
  2. Re-establish community programming in the Beach Flats Garden such as a children’s garden, service and employment for youth, and university research and internship opportunities

On April 26th, city staff will report on progress toward acquisition of the garden. Your donation will inspire the City Council by showing a broad base of community support for a permanent Beach Flats Garden.

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