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  1. To share my story of the people living in this “rental” tourist attraction, EXPENSIVE land area – I 1st hired women who lived in run down housing in the beach flats to help me clean houses 1983. I opened a business called Rent A Wife domestic services 1983-2015 (yellow pages listed) The women I picked up were awesome. The area frightful. Drugs and Hookers were the big worry for all the Latino’s raising children. Years went by and this community was branded GANGS, drugs, thugs and a waste. The stories were simply not true. Gang members dropped out from the gang thug clubs and joined the elders in cleaning up the messy empty lot. They turned this into a place to gather, work, meditate and grow a garden. The garden feeds many. Must we fight the rich every day of our free life’s? These people pay taxes, go to school, church and are part of our heritage. MIGHT WE save this tiny slice of our AMERICAN PIE?

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