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Tomato Houses

Tomatoes are eager to please with their abundantly delicious colorful fruit.  They are so productive that they are unable to support themselves; and in most cases need a house or structure on which they can rest.  One can buy a variety of cages for this, but gardeners on a budget often construct a home from the things they have available.  In our case, sticks and some re-purposed wire.  I pounded the sticks (3 – 4 feet long) into the ground and wrapped them with wire.  The wire spirals gently upwards to support the plant at all levels.  As the plant grows it is important to position the leaves, branches, and fruit so that they have room to grow.  Use your best judgement and make sure the plant does not look crowded.


  1. Lori says:

    Hi Joe!
    Sounds like the garden’s thriving. Dad & I leave for the Galapagos tomorrow. You’d love Ecuador!
    Lori & Dad.

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