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Saturday of Glory: Young Folks Visit

Voy a abrir para que se ven la[s] planta[s].” “I am going to open [the gate] so they can see my plants,” Domingo says as his eyes sparkle. “Hablan español? De donde son? Alguno es de Oaxaca?” “Do they speak Spanish?” Where are they from? Anyone from Oaxaca?” “Sembré calabasas allí.” “ I planted squash there.” Domingo is so happy to lead us around the land he has worked and loved for almost two decades.

Don Domingo and I lead a tour of the garden on what Spanish speakers call Sabado de gloria, Saturday of Glory. This year Sabado de gloria coincided with Dom Emilio’s birthday. The guys celebrated all afternoon. We shared pan dulce, Mexican sweet bread, and waited for the next generation to arrive.

Our guests today attend high-school and college in Oakland and San Francisco. These young folks checked out the university and various community spaces through out our area. They advocate for their own human rights. Their org is called 67 Sueños, 67 Sueños.org. We were honored to share some time with these folks on Saturday of Glory.

I write about our guests because we always happily give tours and share with community members. As gardeners, we understand our privilege to have access to land an we like to share as much as possible with our community. It is particularly heart-warming to have young bilingual folks visit our work space. Our garden functions on specific cultural principles, such as: love of working the land, love of Mother Earth, trading, sharing, and community support. Bilingual young folks, and especially the wonderful students from 67 Sueños, trade inspiration, support and hope in our garden.

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