Video by Small Pumpkin Productions

The Beach Flats Community Garden has nourished the residents of the beach flats and the greater Santa Cruz area for over 20 years. Built by the hands of community leaders for the benefit of the young and old; the garden is a symbol of everything that is great about Santa Cruz. A source of healthy food and community pride El Jardín de la Comunidad De La Playa is an oasis of fresh air and living soil in a desert of concrete, noise pollution, and traffic jams. Tucked between the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the majestic San Lorenzo River, we grow corn, beans and other crops using traditional and sustainable methods. The abundance of the harvest allows us to share healthy and culturally relevant food freely with our community. As of winter 2018, the City of Santa Cruz and the Seaside Company have signed a three year lease for use of the garden. The future of the garden is still unknown.