Kale, kale, and more Kale

Kale has an eagerness to flourish known by many santa cruz gardeners. The fresh foggy air and mild central coast climate nourish kale plants throughout their lifecycle. As the plants grow, gardeners harvest the larger outside leaves and remove and wilted or damaged leaves periodically. This method allows the gardener to harvest a few leaves every Read More …

Sugar Cane

Sugar cane or caña is a fun garden treat.  A large bush of this tropical plant grows by the north fence of the garden by the banks of the San Lorenzo River.  They are harvested periodically and used as a tasty snack on a hot summer day.  Short pieces of the cane are peeled and Read More …

Angela’s Squash

My sister Angela grew an impressive squash this year in San Lenadro, California.  The variety is trombetta di albenga, and it is a long curved light green summer squash.  While not grown at the Beach flats garden, I thought it was an impressive display of gardening.

Tomato Update

The tomatoes continue to grow each day.  They are getting more color, signifying the start of the ripening process.  The first of our sungold cherry tomatoes are ready this week.  A tasty treat for the gardener, cherry tomatoes ripen one by one, inviting snacking during garden work.


Sometimes, despite a gardener’s best efforts, the ideal harvest window on a particular vegetable or fruit is missed.  This can lead to oversized fruit, overripe fruit, damage from pests, or even theft.  In some cases the veggie can be saved for seeds but sometimes it is just a loss.  In the case of squash you Read More …


Our Italian Corno di Toro sweet peppers are ripening on the bush, growing tastier by the day.  I harvested one to see how it tasted, but will leave the rest until they are red and yellow because they will be sweeter.  Some good summer heat should be just what they need

Northern Giants

Sunflowers are called girasoles in spanish.  Their yellow and black faces can be seen peeking over the tops cornstalks and fences throughout the garden.  Bringing joy to the gardener and bees to the plants, sunflowers are a must have in gardens around the world.  In many indigenous American gardens, sunflowers are planted along the northern Read More …